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What We Do

Our team at Carolina’s Solution Group LLC train & certify fiber optics professionals, military, veterans & family members, non-veterans & caregivers for employment in the fiber optics industry;we offer many fiber optics training options to keep organizations running efficiently, and provide organizational specific fiber optic training to businesses. Our services include:

CSGINC courses are as follows

Our Technical Trade Training Center

We are dedicated to keeping children away from crimes. Our team believes that children should not be incarcerated. Rather, they should be educated so they would become productive members of society.

  • Testing: Coax for Premise Networks
  • Testing: Wireless for Premise Networks
  • Networks: Wiring (CPCT)

  • Networks: Wiring Practices (CPCT)

  • Networks: Structured Cabling Standards (CPCT)
  • Networks: Wireless (CPCT)

  • Network Designs and Implementation
  • Local and Wide-Area Networking
  • Networking Infrastructure Support for Voice
  • Data and Video
  • Cable Management Systems (TIA or EIA)

  • Cable Installations (Fiber Optic, Copper, Coaxial, and CAT 5 or 6)
  • Trenching and Outside Plant Cable Installation
  • Line Testing and Certifications
  • Removal of Cable Plant Systems
  • Telephone System Installation and Management

Completed Projects

AOL largest Data Center in Northern Virginia

FEMA also in Prince George County

We have supported POS for thousands of retail, commercial, State Federal and Local Government. To name a few such as Walmart, Lowe's, SSA, IRS, Department Of Agriculture.

Department of Homeland Security | Federal Emergency Management Agency

The 45,000 square-foot facility in Hyattsville, Maryland was completed in June 2008. The following were installed in the structure:

  • CAT6
  • Fiber Optic

  • Voice

The mandatory requirements for training are:

  • Transportation
  • Access to a Computer
  • Smart Phone
  • Random Drug Screening

  • Ability to Read and Understand Blueprints and Work Orders
  • Attendance in Every Class Session
  • Successful Completion of Written and Hands-On Test

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CPCT Cert.

CFOT Cert.